Fit In 60

taught by Kim Jefferson

Course description

Fad diets just don’t work long-term, as you always put the weight back on once you’ve finished the diet or shortly there after. Most of the weight that you lose is never pure body fat - you lose a lot of lean muscle too.

I want you to know that eating and training to get a lean, sexy, slender physique can ACTUALLY be very straightforward.

The principles found in this course are backed by science and evidence, this course will show you how you can get your dream body without using any of the drastic measures.

So if you are looking to make this a healthy lifestyle, lose a few pounds for a vacation, or you want to blast body fat to fit into that little black dress, or maybe starting speaking on stage, this course is for you.

Kim  Jefferson
Kim Jefferson

I am Lifestyle Engineer I help busy entrepreneurial women have the courage to ditch the diet mindset so that they can achieve a life of harmony, strength and power. For more information please visit my website.